Baker burners for bread

Burners for baking bread

The burner is a component of a combustion plant, in which the mixing of a fuel and a comburent takes place, and subsequently the combustion reaction started by a primer, generally with flame production.
By installing a burner on the oven you will start cooking automatically without having to continually insert wood in the oven, and you can choose the power of the flame, managed by an electronic control unit.

• Improve the quality of your product by working with a very low percentage of humidity (about 8%) and without sparks.
• Increase the space on the hob, gaining additional space for cooking your products and improving the management of the baker.
• Significantly reduces the emission of fumes into the atmosphere by up to 90% and fuel consumption.
• Possibility of using certified fuel for food and not wood of dubious origin.
• Increased life span of ovens