Oven burners for pizza

Burners for pizza oven

With the introduction of the gas burner, the costs for maintaining the ovens are also significantly reduced. Average consumption is 1.5m3 of methane or 1.2kg of LPG per hour, with an average consumption of only 0.70 cents per hour.

Generally, the gas burner is positioned directly inside the oven on the right or left side of the hob. The flame expands thanks to an extraordinary total premix fire system. The heat can be controlled with the simple mechanical gesture of turning a knob. In addition, the possibility of adjusting the temperature also reduces another source of stress, in fact the novice pizza makers will get a good cooking without the need to continuously move the wood.

Thanks to the purchase of the burner inside the oven it also increases the useful surface, in fact it will be possible to cook 2/3 more pizzas inside the oven! Less expectations for customers and more profit from the business. Gas burner pizza ovens meet international quality and safety standards. With the burner the need for maintenance by the flue is greatly reduced, so much so that the necessary maintenance is very small.